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Trained, experienced default professionals - outsource your loan servicing admin and support to DLS Servicing Consultants

General Services

The demand for trained and experienced default professionals in today's mortgage environment is high. Training these individuals can be costly and time consuming.  DLS Servicing can reduce this cost to servicers by efficiently and professionally performing many of the complex functions needed by your organization.

Loss Mitigation Reviews

DLS Servicing handles the administrative aspects of the loss mitigation process, allowing you to focus on borrower communication and final execution. Whether your company is new to servicing, or you are looking for assistance with a special segment of your portfolio, DLS Servicing will craft a solution to streamline your loss mitigation procedures..

DLS may provide (client customizable):​

  • Collection of required financial documents from the homeowner

  • Reviews of homeowner credit history and financial capability, establishing a monthly budget analysis

  • Entering of the raw data into the calculation and analysis tool for option evaluation

  • A complete file documenting the homeowners information and reports supporting the system calculated option that qualifies

  • A fully integrated loan modification and partial claim/subordinate mortgage and notes in recordable format for all jurisdictions nationwide, and integrated calculations for the loan’s eligible option

  • Performance of all streamlined calculations for loss mitigation options when a homeowner application is not required – including standard streamlined offerings, disaster and national emergency responses

  • Other supportive services as needed to assist our clients with loss mitigation


​​Additionally, DLS Servicing Consultants offers:​

  • ​Per File Pricing

  • ​Compliance analysis of Client processed FHA Loss Mitigation​

  • Specialization in State Housing Finance Agency portfolios


DLS Servicing performs monthly, quarterly and annual Quality Control Reviews ensuring that servicing is managed compliant with government insurer and agency requirements.  It does not matter if you only have a few dozen or hundreds of thousands of loans, we customize a Quality Control Plan for your specific needs.  Our plans are structured for sub-servicer oversight, interim servicing and internal servicing on a small or large scale.  Our approach to Quality Control is to expose all potential losses and mitigate them as quickly as possible.  A good quality control process is the best training a servicing staff can ever receive.

Short Sales & Deed-In-Lieu processing

Many smaller or specialty Investors want to be apprised of all short sale negotiations, yet most large servicers have geared their operations toward the delegated approval process of the GSEs.  By outsourcing t​he short sale listings, including the monitoring and contract negotiations to DLS Servicing, our larger clients can stay focused on building efficiencies in their GSE portfolio.

Smaller servicers do not generally experience the volume of short sales that allows them to master the art of the short sale negotiation - for the GSEs, or any investor.​

To ensure faster settlements, DLS Servicing Short Sales Representatives assist our clients with the following:

  • Review financial hardship for preliminary participation approvals

  • Acquire and monitor listing agreements-confirming they are priced competitively in the market

  • Order Title Searches and Appraisals​

  • Provide support services to ensure listing and sale meet investor/insurer requirements for maximum claim return

  • Facilitate the removal of liens, judgments, and additional mortgages

  • Ensure properties are listed at fair market value

  • Provide support services to determine if the contract of sale meets investor/insurer requirements

While FHA guidelines does not permit DLS Servicing to handle the negotiations for FHA loans, we can help smaller servicers by reviewing short sale settlement documentation for compliance, prior to settlement.


FHA First Legal Evaluations

This service is utilized either on an ongoing support evaluation for new or growing servicing operations or as a triage offering for newly acquired portfolios.

FHA Claims

For servicers with smaller FHA portfolios, filing an FHA claim can be challenging.  DLS Servicing Consultants can consult with you through the property eviction, cleanout, and ultimate conveyance process, and then through to the final expense claim.  DLS Servicing offers two levels of Claims Filing to satisfy the needs of all our clients:

Standard:​ Our Standard Foreclosure Claims filing benefits those clients who have larger volumes of foreclosure claims that need to be filed quickly and efficiently.  Our knowledgeable Claims Specialists use the documentation provided to file the return based on Insurer requirements and allowances.

Premier: For clients who are less familiar with Insurer guidelines and/or are looking for the maximum claimable amount, DLS Servicing Consultants will dissect every aspect of the foreclosure claim.  Our specialists search for unpaid, claimable invoices, coordinate with clients to get them paid, request refunds from venders when needed, and highlight duplicate payments.  We ensure our clients avoid unnecesary curtailments, suspensions, and audits - providing assurance that 100% of allowable funds are recovered.


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