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Outsource your mortgage servicing admin, aduit prep,

Large Servicers

DLS Servicing Consultants understands the challenges faced by larger servicing operations. We offer a wide array of services and a workflow process geared directly around the functionality of a large servicer. 

volume stabilization outsourcing

​Some servicers experience loan volume fluctuations that can be difficult to accommodate, especially with the CFPB deadlines for acknowledgement and response. Staffing the appropriate number of people and managing workflow during these times is challenging and critical.  By partnering with DLS Servicing Consultants, our clients can ensure experienced staff is available to handle the influx of loans at a reduced cost to the servicer.​

compliance audit preparation

​In today's regulatory climate, servicers face a number of different and oftentimes rigorous audit events.  From state and federal agencies to Investor and Insurer audits, the sheer number of evaluations can place a large burden on servicing staff.  These audits can interfere with the performance of normal servicing functions and cause delays for Investors and borrowers alike.  DLS Servicing Consultants can assist with the file compilation for these audits, ensuring that all documents are available for review.  As a result, audits unfold more efficiently and in a timely manner.  This translates into time and money saved for our clients.

non-gse loan portfolio specialization

​DLS Servicing specializes in the default processing of non-GSE loans.  Smaller Investors often have requirements that are contradictory to those mandated by the GSEs, including limits to how loans can be modified, whether escrow shortages or legal fees can be capitalized, whether interest rates can be reduced, etc.  The workflow at DLS Servicing Consultants has been designed with these Investors in mind.  By outsourcing the unusual processes to DLS Servicing Consultants, our clients remain focused on their core business.  This division of work maximizes cost efficiency and loans serviced per employee in-house.​

process optimization consulting

​As businesses grow in size, meeting the demands of large loan volume increases can be daunting.  Increased volume can require shifts or changes in procedure not needed with a smaller portfolio.  DLS Servicing Consultants can provide industry experience that can assist with the restructuring of procedures designed to streamline processes and increase system efficiency.​

acquisition/transfer support services

​For servicers who actively acquire or transfer loans, DLS Servicing Consultants offers knowledgeable mortgage servicing personnel who can assist with file compilation, due diligence (first legal deadline calculations, insurer/investor compliance, etc.), or system data transfer validation services​​

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