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Comprehensive loss mitigation calculation application from DLS Servicing Consultants -

Loss Mitigation Calculation Application

DLS Servicing created the web-based, loss mitigation evaluation and calculation application. can be used independently or in conjunction with DLS Servicing support services and provides the following:

  • Accurate and compliant evaluations of homeowner supplied information, loan data and insurer and investor requirements to determine the loss mitigation option best suited for the default circumstance

  • Performs the calculations based on published criteria for FHA, VA, Rural Housing, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Section 184 Tribal Loans, and the Federal Home Loan Bank

  • Allows the flexibility of proprietary loan types such as balloon loans, interest only, target payment reductions and customized new terms

  • Performs the calculations for disaster and national emergency responses as required by all government agencies

  • Fully integrated with Fannie Mae’s SMDU for calculations and reporting purposes

  • Ability to order title products when required

  • Ability to order modification or subordinate mortgage legal documents with calculation integration

  • FHA loss mitigation claim processing through Catalyst

  • Many other features is a web-based loss mitigation evaluation & calculation application
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