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DLS Servicing Consultants offers admin, support, loss mitigation, training and more to loan servicing companies throughout the United States


Current and helpful articles for the mortgage industry and servicing professionals, covering loss mitigation, outsourcing, compliance and other topics.


dls servicing consultants announces soc2 type ii compliance

November 2022

Validation that DLS Servicing Consultants, LLC provides enterprise-level security for customer’s data.

DLS Servicing Consultants - providing support and admin services to loan servicing companies

FHA Proposes a 40-year Modification Term

May 2022

FHA released Mortgage letter 2022-07 which required servicers to extend the modified terms for COVID Recovery. In this article we offer a comprehensive look at the concerns and ramifications of this modification.

Loss Mitigation Response to COVID-19

Loss mitigation response to covid-19 pandemic

March 29, 2020

In an unprecedented time, we share some best practice advice on how to address the economic turbulence.

Mortgage industry guidance and recommendations

policy statement for covid-19 response

March 20, 2020

Guidance and recommendations for the mortgage industry in response to the pandemic .

DLS Servicing Consultants - your source for loan servicing support, training, quality control and more.

outsourcing loss mitigation   Focus - disasters

March 2019

The disasters that befell the Atlantic coastal regions over the last several years have left mortgage servicing operations searching for cost effective and efficient answers to resolve a multitude of delinquencies.

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