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Providing mortgage servicing outsourced admin, training, consulting, support and more - DLS Servicing Consulting LLC

Small/Mid-Size Servicers

Our industry has transformed dramatically over the last decade.  To stay competitive and ahead of the challenges, it is critical to be versatile and responsive to changing conditons.  Utilizing outsourced services provides flexibility, as well as an overflow safety value when loan volumes fluctuate unexpectedly.

servicing staff training

As a small to mid-sized servicer, adding personnel or staying on top of industry changes can be costly and time consuming.  DLS Servicing Consultants can dramatically reduce this cost.  Our loss mitigation experts can train your staff on site, or at our location, on all related default functions or industry updates.​

audit and review compliance consulting

Audits and reviews are a challenge that all servicers face.  To help prepare for this challenge, DLS Servicing Consultants can assist in file compilation, thus ensuring files are complete and ready for review.  DLS Servicing Consultants can also assist with interpreting audit findings and helping to address procedural changes that may need to be corrected going forward.

procedure analysis and review

Keeping up with everchanging industry guidelines and continuous changes in company policy and procedures can be overwhelming.  DLS Servicing Consultants offers assistance with creating procedures and manuals that are practical to use and easy to maintain.

quality control reviews

Quality Control Reviews/Audits are essential to ensuring that the a servicing operation is properly interpreting the guidelines and requirements of the insurers and investors.  DLS performs monthly, quarterly and annual quality control reviews based on the individual make up of a servicers portfolio.  The focus is on finding potential costly errors and providing recommendations for resolution and correction.  Our team of auditors create a customized audit plan to ensure proper coverage of a servicers processes and will change the review targets over time to ensure the most comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price.

first legal warning reports

First legal deadline calculations are complex given that there are numerous extensions that can be applied.  Misunderstandings related to this calculation can cost servicers excessive amounts in interest curtailments.  For those smaller servicers new to FHA Servicing or for servicers with relatively low portfolio default rates, this cost is disproportionately high.  DLS Servicing Consultants has created an early warning system designed to warn our clients when first legal deadlines are approaching.​

sub-servicer oversight

With today's regulatory evironment, knowing your portfolio inside and out is critical. For those who use sub-servicers, this is especially important. DLS Servicing Consultants provides monthly and quarterly analysis of:​

  • Investor reporting

  • Default monitoring

  • Escrow administration with reporting issued to senior management.

servicing platform preparation and set-up

​Moving servicing in-house is a big and oftentimes complicated decision. DLS Servicing Consultants will assist with determining when is the best time to set-up in-house servicing for its clients and aid in screening viable candidates for staffing servicing operations. DLS also works collaboratively with its clients to select the servicing system(s) that  best meet the needs of the portfolio.  DLS will be with its clients every step of the way; providing oversight and training for staff and management until servicing operations are fully functional. DLS Servicing Consultants can then be utilized as an additional resource for any issues that may arise as servicing continues in-house.

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