WaterfallCalc.com Releases Online FHA Waterfall Analysis Program to Assist with FHA Loss Mitigation

September 10, 2013


Grand Rapids, MI – Michigan based companies DLS Servicing Consultants, LLC and WorkSmart Database Masters, LLC announced today that they have released an online, web-based FHA Waterfall loss mitigation program, WaterfallCalc.com. The program, created to the specifications of FHA Mortgagee Letter 2012-22, provides FHA servicers with the correct FHA Waterfall option and all workout calculations with the entry of basic loan and borrower data. WaterfallCalc.com creators expect the WaterfallCalc.com program will highly improve efficiency and accuracy for all FHA loss mitigation and will drastically reduce processing times.



WaterfallCalc.com was created by Donna Schmidt, Managing Director of DLS Servicing Consultants, LLC and Andy Tabisz, President of WorkSmart Database Masters, LLC to accommodate the need for fair and consistent FHA loss mitigation. Donna Schmidt brings over 30 years of experience in the mortgage default industry. With DLS Servicing Consultants, LLC specializing in loss mitigation reviews, short sale/deed-in-lieu processing, and mortgage servicing consulting, Schmidt recognizes the current need for a program that handles FHA loss mitigation proficiently and accurately. Partnering with Andy Tabisz of WorkSmart Database Masters, an established database programmer, WaterfallCalc.com was created to meet the demand of processing FHA Loans under the current, more complicated FHA Waterfall guidelines of Mortgagee Letter 2012-22. WaterfallCalc.com is an affordable, user-friendly program designed to meet the needs of all FHA mortgage servicers.




To learn more about the WaterfallCalc.com program and to begin a 24 hour no-cost WaterfallCalc.com trial, please contact


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