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Our goal at DLS Servicing Consultants, LLC is to provide effective servicing support solutions designed to reduce default rates and increase overall productivity within your portfolio. We specialize in loss mitigation support services and quality control analysis, ensuring that your team is compliant with all agency and government insurer requirements. We partner with you to ensure that defaults are resolved quickly, accurately and in accordance with all applicable guidebooks and industry standards.​

Service provider for loan servicin companies throughout the Unites States


The demand for trained and experienced default professionals in today's mortgage environment is high. Training these individuals can be costly and time consuming. DLS Servicing can reduce this cost to servicers by efficiently performing the following outsourcing functions:

  • Loss Mitigation Reviews

  • Short Sales/Deed-in-Lieu Negotiations

  • FHA Foreclosure Claims-Part A&B

  • Servicing Consulting

  • Client Specific Workflow Processes

  • FHA First Legal Evaluation

Mortage servicing outsourcing vendor for large servicers

large servicers

Larger servicing operations face vastly different challenges than smaller operations. At DLS Servicing Consultants, we understand these challenges. We offer a wide array of services and a workflow process geared directly around the functionality of a large servicer. In addition to our general services, we offer our larger clients:

  • Volume Stabilization Outsourcing

  • Preparation for Compliance Audits

  • Non-GSE Loan Portfolio Specialization

  • ​​Process Optimization Consulting

  • Acquisition/Transfer Support Services

Loan servicing vendor for outsourcing for small servicers

small servicers

Smaller servicing operations, while generally more versatile, often lack the personnel capable of staying on top of rising default rates and continually changing compliance regulations. DLS Servicing Consultants can provide both to these servicers. With a knowledgeable staff dedicated to providing the best in support and guidance, small to mid-sized servicers enlist DLS Servicing Consultants for our general services and:

  • Servicing Staff Training 

  • Consulting for Compliance Audits & Reviews

  • Procedure Documentation

  • First Legal Deadline Warning Reports​

  • Servicing Platform Preparation & Set-Up

  • Sub-Servicer Oversight

Professional loan servicing outsourcing from DLS Servicing Consultants


"I have found through experience that your team are top notch professionals in every way."

Director, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

“Your efforts and dedication to our borrowers have always been greatly appreciated.”

CFO, State Housing Finance Agency

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