DLS’s Donna Schmidt Shares Insights on Cybersecurity in Mortgage Industry Interview

In an eye-opening interview published in MortgageOrb, DLS Servicing CEO, Donna Schmidt, dives deep into the latest cybersecurity threats in the mortgage industry and offers actionable steps servicers can take to protect their clients and themselves.

The mortgage industry is facing an uptick in cybersecurity incidents, and in this interview, Donna discusses the vulnerability of financial institutions to cyberattacks despite advanced security measures. The breaches have significant implications and can lead to potential identity theft and financial fraud.

For consumers, the exposure of personal information can have lasting consequences, affecting their financial health and emotional well-being. Servicers, on the other hand, face legal, reputational, and operational challenges that can take years to overcome.

Donna advocates for proactive strategies to mitigate these risks, including the adoption of redundant systems and backup loss mitigation solutions like WaterfallCalc. This approach ensures continuity in operations, especially in loss mitigation efforts, even in the event of a cyberattack.

In a landscape where cyber threats are evolving, the emphasis on preparedness and resilience is crucial.

This interview is a must-read for industry professionals committed to upholding data integrity and security.

Click here to read the full interview on MortgageOrb.com.